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Providing FTA Satellite equipment to Authorized DMS International Resellers.  If you buy satellite equipment for FTA channels, this is the place to buy it.  We offer the lowest prices on the products we sell and we warranty what we sell.  We also offer after warranty repair services on our products.

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DMS International ships worldwide!
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DMS International ships worldwide!
First Strike meters comparison chart update

8/17/13 - Added the new advanced FS1-SE to our comparison chart.  If you are considering a clone meter, don't let the sellers tell you it is the same as the First Strike meters.  Ask them if it has DiSEqC switching and 20 volt LNBF supply voltage, or any of the other advanced features that they DO NOT have.  The copy folks will tell you their meters are the orginal or their meters are the same as the First Strike Meters.  Don't believe it.  They can not compare with First Strike meters, the original and genuine manufacture.

Meter Comparison Chart

C-Band Remembered by Bob Cooper

The "GLORY DAYS" of satellite TV

April 2007-Atlanta, Ga. (DMS Internationals back yard) Hundreds gathered for an annual satellite TV show and conference, including more than 100 attending for a 20 year reunion of "C-Band Remembered". C-band (3.7-4.2 GHz and in later years often called 'BUD' - Big Ugly Dish) was the fastest growing home grown electronics industry since post WWII's expansion of television; from fewer than 100 'systems' to more than 3,000,000 between 1979 and 1986.

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More to come, check back often.

There is online essentially ALL of the CATJ/Community Antenna Television Journal, CSD/Coop's Satellite Digest (+ CJR and CSD-2) at: And more of course!
A resource covering 1973-1986 + SatFACTS (1995-2008).

The Old CATV Equipment Museum


Periodicals: CATJ, CSD, and CJR
Periodicals: SatFACTS
Online narrative: "Who invented Cable TV?"

DMS International was there through it all. For more than thiry years DMS International has been delivering quality satellite products.


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