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DMS International is the largest provider of
economical hand held signal finder meters.

DS4X1WP Waterproof DiSEqC Switch



Highest quality DiSEqC switch available.

* DiSEqC 2.0 Protocol
* Satellite Inputs selected by DiSEqC commands
* Ultra Sleek & Slim design
* Excellent Performance
* Excellent Isolation
* Waterproof guaranteed

Frequency: 900 ~ 2400 MHz
Operating Voltage: 10-21 VDC
Operating Temp: -34°C ~ 60°C
Isolation: 20dB Min.
Impedance: 75Ω
Through Loss: 3dB Max.

WaterLock F connector protection


Protect your equipment with our re-usable WaterLock.

The soft silicon rubber forms around the coax connector keeping it clean and dry. If you need to take it off, just un-snap it and it comes off clean and ready to be re-used.