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QARL-3624+ 24" Heavy Duty "Monster Motor" Actuator


The Heavy Duty "Monster Actuators" have arrived.

These actuators are impressive. Extremely quiet and yet powerful enough to move even the old BUDs.


  • Superior Anti-rust process
  • Epoxy power coated steel tube and high grade plated hardware
  • Excellent water proofing
  • 3 drain holes
  • Super Reed Sensor
  • Ruthenium plated contacts ensures longer sensor life
  • Hermetically sealed in a clean atmosphere to eliminate effects of dust and corrosion
  • Zero oxidation
  • Advanced design prevents sticking, binding or wearing
  • Plastic impregnated for easy installation.
  • ~Private label and OEM available~

Technical Specifications

Model Number: QARL-3624+
Input Voltage: 24 ~ 36 vdc
Tube Diameter: 41.275mm / 1 5/8 inches
Reed Sensor Current: < 10mA
Stroke Length: 600mm / 24 inches
Load Rating: 300~350kgs / 660~770 pds
Environment: -10°C to 45°C

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Actuator Limit Switch Adjustment

If you have a actuator on your dish and want to take it off for service or adjustment, or if you have just bought a new actuator, you should be careful not to turn the inner tube.  Why?  Because positioning of the inner tube determines the setting of the lower switch.  If you need to set your mechanical switches..... read on.

Here's how you can adjust the limit switches in your actuator.  Begin with the actuator off the dish and the inner tube free to turn.

  • Run the actuator to retract the the inner tube.  If the inner tube hits bottom and starts to spin continue to run the actuator until it stops.  It will stop when it hits the bottom limit switch.
  • If the inner tube is not all the way in, turn it by hand until it is.
  • Now turn the inner tube out 3 or 4 revolutions.  Your bottom switch is now set.
  • At this time you can install your actuator on your dish.
  • Run the actuator to extend it until you reach the desired dish position.  Be careful not to over extend the actuator.
  • Once you stop at the desired position (or just slightly past it) adjust the upper limit switch by loosening the screw that holds the cam, and turning the cam until the switch is activated.  Tighten the screw and your limits are set.