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RS-232 to USB Converter Cable

USB to RS232 Converter Cable

Can't find a USB to RS-232 Converter cable that works?

Here is one you can depend on.  It uses the Prolithic chip set to assure proper operation.  This cable works with our meters and most other devices.

Software can be downloaded here

Prolific Technology Inc.

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RS-232 F to F Null Cable


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RS-232 Cables Simple Explanation

Quick and easy explanation of the RS232 cables used with most digital receivers.

serial cable:

The ends are RS232 9 pin. It's the same cable you might use on a thermal printer for UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc. It's a straight through cable. Although it is a 9 pin cable the only connections required are:

null modem cable:

Sometimes called a twisted pair cable. The ends are RS232 9 pin. Although it is a 9 pin cable the only connections required are:

Now that you know the wiring configuration, don't forget to order the proper ends.  These cables come as female to female, female to male, and male to male.

rs232-female_small.jpg RS-232 Female

rs232-male_small.jpg RS-232 Male


I hope this will clear up any confusion and help you in purchasing the correct cable. We supply a high quality cable with molded ends.